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a qualitative simulation of the surface temperature formation process and provided insight into the underlying elementary reaction steps and their kinetics. The second part of this thesis focused on the investigation of water/α-Alumina inter- action. Water adsorption on these surfaces changes the morphology of the substrate
PhD thesis. University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, 1989. 1 1. JF Boily, J Lutzenkirchen, O Balmes, J Beattie, S Sjoberg. Colloids Surfaces 179:1 1, 2001. 12. G Sposito. Environ Sci Technol 32:2815, 1998. 13. T Hiemstra, JCM de Wit, WH van Riemsdijk. J Colloid Interf Sci 133:105, 1989. 14. P Venema. PhD thesis
The adsorption of CO in the vicinity of an isolated Au ad-atom on a Ni(111) surface has been studied using ab initio DFT and PBE functionals. Detailed investigations of the potential-energy surface for the binding of CO show that for bonding sites in which the molecule binds at least to one Ni nearest neighbor of the Au
SOILS AND SOIL COMPONENTS. THESES OF PhD DISSERTATION ... 1. thesis: The adsorption of acetochlor and propisochlor was studied on different adsorbents by means of static equilibrium ... 6. thesis: The adsorption capacity of humic substance free soils is higher than that of the original soils. It refers to the active
Cho, E. H. Adsorption of Silver- Cyanide on Activated Carbon, PhD Thesis,. University of Utah, 1978. 23. Cho, E. H. and Pitt, C. H., Metall., Trans., 1979, JOB, 159. 24. Garten, V. A. and Weiss, D. E. Rev. Pure Appl. Chem., 1957,7(June), 69. 25. Plaksin, I. N. Metallurgy of Noble Metals, Metallurgizolat, 1958. 26. Dixon, S.; Cho
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Thesis. 4. Hansjörg Schief Vicinal surfaces as nanoscopic echelette gratings for atomic waves and their application to He-surface spectroscopy. EPFL (1995) Thesis. 5. Vittorio Marsico Propriétés des surfaces métalliques vicinales: structure de Pt(997) et adsorption des gaz rares. EPFL (1995) Thesis. 6. René Becker
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